Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Story

In April 2010, our world when it came to cooking and eating got thrown upside down. This was the first sign we had a problem with food in the house. We were a normal family with 2 kids: Zach (2) and Nathan (5 - almost 6). We were having the "normal" issues with Nathan battling us about how food tasted or looked, sometimes with immediate attitude when he got to the table. Due to my passion to cook and try new things it was FRUSTRATING.

One day, I made a chicken casserole. The recipe was simple, and included english sweet peas. Not something we normally eat, but people kept telling me to "disguise the food, he will try it, and don't stop trying." So, I tried to strike a deal with my 5 year old. Eat 5 peas - 1 for each year.

Nathan: No
Me: Yes
Nathan: I don't like how they make me feel
Me: Just eat them

Getting the picture? My husband escorted our younger son from the table - "he can keep his attitude and bad habits to himself." I was left for the battle. I am sure most of has have witnessed something similar. Finally, I am not certain how I convinced him, he started eating them - he put the fist in his mouth. Started making a face and kindergarten drama erupted.

I can't paint the picture too much, as the next few minutes are somewhat a blur. I remember conversations about how he felt, his throat hurt, I humored him, got a flashlight to "prove he was fibbing." I looked in and I had horror - I could see his throat swelling shut. Insert mental explatives and me kicking the door trying to get my husbands attention without drawing attention.

Nathan starts gasping, barely able to breathe. I run to the phone and call our pediatrician as my husband starts administering Benedryl. Allergies = Benedryl was all we were thinking. The pediatrician agreed and said if his breathing has issues rush him to a clinic ASAP.

There was mild breathing issues, and Kevin slept with him.

Who's allergic to peas? It must have been something else in the casserole... right?

After a series of tests and a very pissed off now 6 year old, we found out Nathan is allergic to:
White Fish
Tuna Fish
Raw Onion
Raw Garlic
Peas (all varieties)

That is when education started. Our pediatrician at the time gave us a prescription for an Adult Epi Pen (Nathan was only 42 lbs). We were taught what to do and sent on our way with instructions to research the internet for foods he can't eat.